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Starting with just a small idea to GIVE WINGS TO MY PASSION OF ART over the time got accumulated with many such small ideas and gave birth to my store - MY INDIA BOUTIQUE.

To begin I always wanted to bring the rich and diverse heritage of art and make it an pivotal part of one's life and  I started working towards it on a very low scale with a small market in India. Things were just tumbling down the line with very few orders, resources and people and to make situations even worse came the covid 19 pandemic and my this and small venture came to stand still, that time i went to my village and that turned out to be my silver lining here i met a lot of local ladies who worked in the block printing cottage industries and their work got disrupted due to the pandemic with no sources of income and not having any idea for the work to start again. This gave me the idea to bring all their skills and my knowledge of art and make a meaningful business idea out of it. We all sat and started from scratch ,i.e. from choosing the material for fabric, to the colors , designs , patterns and a lot more. We worked with all the local vendors, got the local stuff took inspirations from the age old dying and printing techniques, gave fusion twists to the look of the final products and after months of trial and error learning we came up with the revived and transformed business idea of MY INDIA BOUTIQUE brought back to life only by the tireless efforts and will of ours. we came back with diverse options, block prints and natural designs and a lot more with covid my small purchasing market shrank and our products stocked up making things and the earning options scarce. As covid had affected all sectors my husband who is in the tourism sector too was forced to be at home seeing the condition of my work he came to my help { actually he was receiving message from his kind group members to help him in this tough time, but being ethical he decided not to take money from anyone as a donation so I have idea instead of money we can ask reciprocal they wanted to send some money to him and my team wanted to sell some of our products to western world where we can extend our wing , so we make his mind and he contacted his previous tour members discussed with them the situation and the work conditions and to my surprise a lot of his group members were generous enough to not only just see but we were interested in buying the products, the genuine interest that people showed in our products was very encouraging we sold a lot of our products worked more and restocked now the hard work started showing its true colors making it work for the business. Our local women's artisans got work and financial stability in those hard times and as slowly things are getting back to normal they have joined back in the cottage industries but they were and still are and integral part of our MIB family, they work for us and in the industries as well. According to the workload and orders we pay our female artisans so our income from orders add up to their salaries, making them financially independent and be a small support pillar for their children's education. All these making MIB a family in real senses, where my husbands grp members have engaged in shopping from us and our market circuit have grown, my kids help me with all online store settings and orders and my never tiring female artisans workforce who effortlessly manage the work orders but the most imp of all is the share of income that we are able to contribute from our side for the labor enhancement work and for the education of the children of our artisans. The educated children pave way for great ideas and a better life for not only their parents but for all. Working to fulfill your dream is your job, but when you make other people's dream a reality it is success.


All we hope is that you too be a part of our journey, where supporting one another is the main lifeline and put in some shopping choices ideas and create some success recipes.

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